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Griff Sims

Past President
Joe Morgalis

Casey Black

Treasurer and
Chapter Contact

Stuart Dunn

Wes Williams

Director of Assessments
Terry Radford

David Edwards
Joe Morgalis 
Terry Radford
Walt Sokowolski
Billy Walter

Stuart Dunn - Southeastern College Assigning (SECA)

 FIFA Assistant Referee and   VAR Corey Rockwell   presenting at GISOA Clinic

GISOA Clinic
Saturday July 28
Agnes Scott College
7:00 am - 5pm

Agenda: Saturday July 28

6:45a - Warm-up (Track)

7:00 - Fitness Test

8:00 - 8:30 - Shower Period

(Woodruff Activities Bldg adjacent to track. Bring towel and toiletries.)

8:30 - 9:00 - Breakfast

9:10 – 9:30 - Introduction & Agenda Review

9:30 – 9:45 - Video Pre-Assessment

9:45 – 10:30 – Positioning (22 Clips)

10:30 – 10:40  ------- Break -------

10:40 – 11:30 – Challenges / Tackles (15 clips)

11:30 – 12:00 – Offside (10 clips)

12:00 – 12:30 --------- Lunch -------

12:30 – 1:15 – Handball (10 clips)

1:15 – 1:25 ------------- Break------

1:25 – 1:50 – Video Post-Assessment (35 different video clips on the 3 topics)

1:50 – 2:15 –GISOA / NISOA Updates (Griff)

2:15 – 3:00 – Review of Post-Assessment

3:00 – 3:10 ---------- Break ---------

3:10 – 3:30 – Path to World Cup (how he got there and what went on while he was there)

3:30 – 3:50 – Q&A –

3:50 – 4:00 – Closing thoughts

 Pierce Richardson

U.S. Soccer
Hall of Fame
NISOA Section (2006) 

Pierce Richardson Memorial

Died August 31, 2017

From Griff Sims, President, Georgia ISOA:

We lost a treasured friend and member of our GISOA family last week. Most of today’s GISOA referees know Pierce as our assignor, but that role the past 27 years was just his 2nd half. He was a GISOA official for 32 years before continuing his work administratively. He helped advanced several of our officials to National Referee status and opportunities in the NCAA post season as well as in the ACC. He was a mentor and father figure to most all of us.

Memorial Services for Pierce Richardson were held Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.Union United Methodist Church 4600 Highway 138 SW, Stockbridge, Georgia, 30281

We would like to help his family with this untimely loss. We have established The Pierce Richardson Memorial Fund.
Please make a donation check to:
Pierce Richardson Memorial Fund
Mail to: Stuart Dunn – 232 St. Andrews Ct, 
Social Circle, GA  30025




MEMORANDUM – 7.16.18

Georgia Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association

A very special time has come. This will be my 32nd GISOA Clinic and we’re getting ready to be exposed to once-in-a-GISOA-time training, COREY ROCKWELL will be presenting!!! Content will be almost completely same content covered in Russia amongst the World Cup referees – with many of it direction/position handed straight from Collina.


 Griff Sims -President




Key GISOA policy change:

  • The on-line NISOA test (mandatory for NCAA post season consideration) is now MANDATORY for everyone. With games cranking up after our Clinic, we ask you to review rules and rule changes and take test prior to Clinic. We will track who has and who has not.
  • You may take the test twice. While it is up to you, we’d like you to take it once, then wait and take it a second time after the Clinic. Thinking: if we discuss as a group the logic or basis for a particular college rule, it will “stick” better than memorizing. The end game is not the test score, it’s the application mid-season when it presents itself.
    • Logon to ArbiterSports.com and select NISOA Central Hub or copy link into your browser:  https://nisoa.arbitersports.com/front/105031/test
    • Select “Testing” tab. Select from Open Tests “2018 NISOA National Referee certification exam”.
    • Please download the rules book from the NCAA web-site using link below. We HIGHLY encourage you to use it while taking the test. By downloading, you can do a word or phrase search to find answer to question while taking the test.. What to do: open and minimize it while taking test. You then maximize when needed and enter key word “hair pulling” for example and it will go right to it and provide answer (i.e.constitutes ‘fighting’).  http://www.ncaapublications.com/p-4401-2016-and-2017-soccer-rules-interpretations.aspx
    • Quickie 5 minute review prep: Top 10 missed questions from last year:  View Question Summary

LOCATION: AGNES SCOTT UNIVERSITY -  http://agnesscott.college-tour.com/map.php





2018 Chapter Dues: $175.00.

Stuart Dunn

GISOA Treasurer

232 St Andrews Ct.

Social Circle, GA  30025.

After Aug. 5: $190.00 (no exceptions).

Tip: A majority of us officiated GSOA and plan to attend the season pay-out meeting. Please bring check with you (payable to GISOA) and give to me or Stuart at the meeting. We will hold them all for 5 days (after GSOA pay-out deposits).



From June 29, 2016 Message
At USSF Youth Region III Awards dinner last night (Greenville, SC), we proudly congratulate our GISOA award winners:

  • Top Referees: David Jaye & Amin Hadzic
    • Top Assistant Referees: Ashley Varnson, Matt Jackson, Sergii Deminchuck
    • Selected to National Championship Finals:
    • Referees: David Jaye & Amin Hadzic.
    • Assistant Referees:  Matt Jackson, Ashley Varnson

    From 2014 Message


On the subject of "mentoring": attached you'll find an interesting read from another familiar name….

      (see below - after NEW Member...updates)

      • 2014
        NEW Members

        GISOA would like to congratulate and introduce the following new members selected by the GISOA Board to join us 2014:


      • Daniel Velez
      • Vanessa Rodriguez
      • Alex Villanueva
      • Amin Hadzic
      • Ben Theisen
      • Jim Kaczmarek
      • Justin DeSandre
      • Chase Royer
      • Jon McVaney (So GA)
      • Mark Linderman (So GA)
    NEW Members, returnees and transfers

    GISOA would like to congratulate and introduce the following 8 new members selected to join the Chapter 2013, as well as 3 returnees and 2 transfers:

    • Matt Wineski
    • Nick Uranga
    • Jimmy McKean
    • Ryan Morton  
    • Shannon O'Carroll
    • Haley Cimino (Middle GA)
    • Bert Moore (Warner Robbins)
    • Chris McCorkhill (Warner Robbins)
    • Bob Mitchell (returning)
    • Chip Bowles (returning - Albany)
    • Chris Moore (returning - Warner Robbins)
    • Adriana Westendorf (transfer)
    • Alex Plum (transfer)


    Congratulations to the following GISOA members (and new members) returning from Reg. III USYSA Championships in Oklahoma:

    David Jaye, Brandon Adams, Matt Jackson, Anelise Cimino, Aleks Zhelyazkov, Jimmy McKean, Nick Uranga, Guido Gonzales, Jeff Bouchard.

    Special congratulations to Anelise Cimino & Nick Uranga - chosen to advance to USYSA National Championship Finals - Overland Park, KS.

    Congratulations also extended to Aleks Zhelyazkov & Matt Jackson - selected to go on to Youth President's Cup Finals in Auburndale, FL. 

    Griff Sims - GISOA President

    National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association

    November 2006


    by Pierce Richardson

    Over the years of a referee’s career one may tend to

    focus on refereeing only and not on other opportunities

    provided by NISOA.  Knowing this, in addition to refereeing

    several questions should come to mind such as:

    • What will be my contribution and involvement with NISOA

    after I leave the field or even while still refereeing?

    • How? Potential opportunities assessing, assigning, clinician,


    I remember back in the early 70’s when I first started officiating.

    Every Saturday morning I would go to the local YMCA and

    work my 4 or 5 U-6 & U-8 games and EVERY Saturday morning

    Mr. Bill O’Toole was there. At this time Mr. O’Toole was in his late

    60’s or early 70’s and still had a love for the game that few share.

    I would be the referee and Mr. O’Toole would be one of the linesmen

    (as it was called then) for me, then he would be the referee

    and I would be the linesman. After all of our games were over,

    Mr. O’Toole would take me to a shady spot and sometimes we

    would spend an hour or more talking about the games and how I

    could improve. Mr. O’Toole is no longer with us, but he will always

    be remembered by me and many others for what he gave back to

    the game and each of us.

    One thing NISOA needs is mentors. The organization is currently

    developing a formal mentoring program. A seasoned

    NISOA member could start informally mentoring now. There is no

    need to wait until being asked or told that help is needed. Mentors

    differ from assessors or clinicians in that they assist members with

    less experience with the overall NISOA culture and become a person

    of reference on a more personal basis.

    There are many ways a person can mentor another referee.

    Some have a great aptitude for fitness, thus can mentor someone

    in how to better stay in shape and train. Some have refereed at

    the highest level of collegiate soccer and can mentor someone in

    achieving this level. Some of you work in a corporate environment

    or you are school teachers and can mentor someone in responding

    to difficult situations with assessors, assignors, clinicians,

    other referees or game management.

    Mentoring is not limited to young or new referees. The options

    are out there. The key is to take the first step in helping someone.

    When I first started officiating college games I was very fortunate,

    because I came along at a time when there were many Bill

    O’Tooles in the local NISOA chapter who would spend hours and

    hours helping me and other young officials develop our abilities.

    Once I heard an individual I respected say, "I don’t want to be

    forgotten when I retire from refereeing, I want to help someone

    take my place" I didn't quite understand what he meant until several

    years later when I realized all the time and dedication this

    person gave to me.

    We have all heard Dr. Bernabei say many times Family first,

    job second and refereeing third, but that should not stop any of us

    from looking for a few minutes to help someone along the way.

    The world has changed a lot since Mr. O’Toole and I sat in the

    shade and talked about our U-6 & U-8 games for that morning. I

    know most everyone has a hundred things going on in their life

    and as soon as the game is over we want to get back to those

    things. There are many ways you can find a few minutes to spend

    with your crew for the day and talk about the game and how each

    of you might have done something different. For example: What

    about stopping along the way and have refreshments? Better yet

    whenever possible ride to the game together or least part of the

    way and use this time going and coming to help each other

    become better NISOA officials.

    A few extra hours in bringing someone along will go miles in

    continuing the tradition of NISOA - producing quality college officials.

    When your time comes to step away, you can then be proud

    that you mentored someone who became your replacement and

    they too will then have a Mr. O’Toole to remember.






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